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    Quiz Contest of Basic Computers and Basic Programming
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Best Quality Training

The Best Instructors make learning more engaging. At ASTIWZ Infotech, we have passionate trainers to help you build a successful career. We are team of experienced industry experts with real time application development exposure to deliver technology in right way.

Innovations at ASTIWZ

ASTIWZ motivates students to create innovative mobile app, websites, and softwares. Get Expert sessions by Alumni to keep you updated with industry requirement.


We have dedicated placement cell to manage placement assistance. Each batch has coordinator to assist you right from resume building till you get placed. We provide industrial training for MCS, MCA, MCM, ME, BE, Diploma Students.

Post Training Support

Our faculties provide technical assistance even after placement of candidate. We have strong Google/Facebook groups with active alumni members to assist you. We organize revision sessions, Latest technology trend seminars without extra cost.

Software, Website, Mobile Application Development and Training Institute in Nashik-Nasik
1, Sai Building, Near Gajanan Pride, Gole Colony, Ashok Stumbh

The examination pattern is so good mean if we have to change our ans we can do it. nice form designed. registration form is well developed. astiwz infotech the name is also so good .

- Zeeshanali Mushtaqali Sayyed

This technical exam will be very good.That was increase all type of my knowledge about C, CPP, JAVA and GK. so, Thank You.

- Bharati Devaji Wagh

the exam question was good and i was traying better to solve all question

- Amol Kishor Patel

Nice experience while giving the online exam.I learned new thing from this exam.

- Sachin Balasaheb Surase

this exam was very helpful to me. i am very happy with it. it gets lots of knowledge to me. so, i am very thankfull to you to allow me to give this test.

- Prasad Eknath Baviskar

I really like the exam, the questions are easy & I enjoyed to solve them.

- Kalyani Dilipsing Patil

This online exam was very interesting.It helped us in refreshing about the technologies.I think our field is very good in the sense of helping the people by providing them various software.This has made life of people more flexible. Our field have made the world very short as whatever information we want is in our hand the next minute.

- Priya Ambadas Aher

This exam is nice. I Iike that ques u ask and The ques u ask out of c, c++ and other language are nice..... Everything is Too Good,Thanks....

- Sujata Pramod Pandit

This is very good task that u conduct. Your quetion pattern also easy becouse u have not carry the negative marking.Desining of the registration form also be fine to implement.

- Kalpana Ramesh Band

Sir, All questions are interesting but for internet problem I don't get all questions answer.then i So sad. This is my first Online Exam. Thanks,

- Mule Shubhangi Murlidhar

exam conducted by you is not easy as well as not hard, Thanks for coming in our college for IT campus.

- Suraj Jagannath Gharate

All the basic questions of language are also very important.i just tried my best

- Shital Dattu Dawange

Questions are goods that checks the basic knowledge of student. Arrangement was good & the exam was user friendly. user has no any difficulty to how to do exam.....

- Shamkumar Suresh Marathe

The management of Exam is very Good and I am very happy for participat in your organisation

- Nikhil Mahipal Birari

It was very good. Questions with all levels simple,middle,difficult. The Design part of exam form is user friendly.

- Priyanka Anil Sable

Thanks to all astiwz infotech team to come our college & conduct this nice exam. All concepts of programming releted & about general awareness are revised. Once again Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Gaurav Girish Jadhav

I would like to thank you for Astiwz Infotech for conducting online exam. It will guide and support us in our future life and improve our knowledge.

- Ashwini Shriram Shimpi

This apptitude test will gives us more learing about the all languages are use full to develop the project. To utilize my skills and abilities in the computer industry to make the optimum utilization of my potential that offers professional growth .


The test was really good. The facility to go back and correct the ans was a good option. thank you.

- Sayali Kailas Pipada

its really very great experience. by attempting this exam we get know our capablity and also got brush up.. and also we get that where we are lacking and in which we are good and still remember many things.. Thank you for conducting this online exam we are very faithful to you.....

- Nayan Ramesh Ahirrao

Exam was very nice. All the Basic questions were asked with General Knowledge questions.

- Rasika Achyut Jakatdar

Exam was good, Questions are also very interesting.... Its really test our knowledge... Thanks......

- Monika Ashok Tajanpure

Online Exam was good.I can prepare for my object oriented concepts as well as cpp concepts and c concepts,java concepts.In IT field always there is a scope for improvement.We can develop our own project using our knowledge.I can use my skill of programming to develop project.


This Online exam is very good experience for me . very interesting question are ask which improve the think power.Thank you.

- Rohini Narayan Pawar

The exam was very good.Question were quit tricky so it was good experince to attemp it.Thankyou..!!

- Madhavi Shankar Dongare

Sir,This Online test very interesting & knowledgeable.Information technology field is very great field because ,from this we get lot of opportunities for it companies. we have very lucky to have this field & work with this field .

- Priti Kishor Pawar

The online exam are very good,so easy solve the question for online exam. All questions are easy and basic questions.


Online examination is very helpful for us because there is a time limit for it.

- Ashwini Balasaheb Malode

Exam is easy and it have interesting logical question and general question.

- Kalyani Deelip Pimpare

Myself Anagha.. I like the text...its a very easy test...And software used for this online examination is also gud......Best Luck For Company...

- Anagha Prakash Wamorkar

If you have to achieve your goal then work as hard as possible.............!!!!!!!! No one will teach you every time... Just find your goal and walk towards the goal....

- Ashwini Prakash Gohad

Thank you astiwz info tech to give opportunity to attitude exam . In that exam we all know about our basic programming language and general knowledge also .

- Seema Vijay Kharote

It was good experience for is very easy and understandable...thanks

- Nilesh Abhimanyu Borane

The exam was good as it covered all aspects right from technical background and general knowledge related questions.

- Bina Lalbabu Singh

this Question It's very attractive to visible and enjoying to solve the objective q.... question also included technical as well as general knowledge. so again impressive to user.

- Sopan Kundlik Kokare

Online Exam was good enough. I think time was also sufficient. IT is the field were scope doesn't end. Android is being used in vast area. It has become so popular. That is the main reason why smart phones are on demand. Many apps are also available on google play freely.

- Madhumita J N Das

Its great that I get chance to give apty of your company...Thank you for that sir...I doing ceritification in Asp.Net,PHP and have into of wordpress and SEO....Thank you


It was very user friendly. The whole user interface was very attractive.

- Sayali Laxman Deshpande

This is wonderful task for me. Its good expirence ...


Dear Respected Sir , Programming language is very easy depend on our response and our good understanding. Exam questions are very easy . Special Identity in our IT field.

- Vidya Balkrushna Thakare

Good management of online examination as well as all language are cover with GK.

- Samadhan Vasant Kadbhane

these is very better process to select student for job or it but i tell you should go in all campus of college because i come from another college.there is also talentful students.

- Digamber Ramnath Gaikwad

To give online exam as student it built our confidence. Also it prepares the students to give the best performance.I am confident about .net, php language. Also I like c++.

- Bhoomika Pratap Rat

Thanks for coming in our college!!! Test is very well and we are attends all questions neatly. Thanks!!!

- Supriya Balasaheb Thakur

The test is held by your organization is not so hard. Thank you...!!!

- Rohit Rajendra Desai

It's easy. This exam include all types of questions such as G.K., basic programming related question, so it is helpful to score any student who is weak in programming or G.K. I can not able to crack aptitude test so as in this exam programming related questions are more so it's easy. I like it's format.

- Suvarna Chhaburao Handore

Online exam conducted was related to object oriented programming which was even my field of interest and was a nice opportunity to test ourselves too.Thanks for giving this opportunity

- Sonal Chandrakant Choudhari

You had conducted really well online exam & I was really enjoyed it. Also I am learning lot of things from it means those things which I hadn't known.Thank you for such examination

- Vilas Eknath Darade

The test was quit cool...! Designing of the software is very well. question were very easy.I will love to work with astiwz infotech.


The exam was very easy .The company has provides good platform for freshers and it provides opportunity to the students.

- Sagar Arun Gahide

I M very happy to attend the online exam, this all questions are very help full for my future,i attend 1st apptitude exam this is very good for me.thank you.

- Shweta Sharad Shahane

exam was very nice. all patterns of questions are asked. by solving this i can understand what can i do. while solving question some questions require thinking power. But i really enjoy it. thanks for organising such online exam. by solving this my confidance is improved.

- Punam Bhalchandra Rane

Test was very nice and all questions are awesom.And The most was very user friendly. Thank u so much for such a nice experience......Good Day!!!

- Trupti Arvind Sangpal

astiwz infotect was taking the exam,which is very easy n too good. and no any difficulty occure during the exam. Questions are easy to solve and most important the GK questions are included wchich is very useful in Daytoday life. actually this is very best comapny which will be give the better apportunity to hardworking persons. so i am intrested to join this company to give my best. Thanks, to give me the chance to write comment.

- Kavita Arjun Bhosale

Good experience about technical questions. Got good ideas for further aptitude tests i will give in future.

- Rajlaxmi Manohar Kenge

It was easy,and mainly it was related to all field,because of that we are getting knowledge of all areas.....and even it is helpful for our IT...thanku

- Kalyani Raosaheb Shinde

Online Exam is very important for examine the person's knowledge in perticuler subject and general knowledge.This exam was good opportunity to develop my knowledge.. I am thankful for conducting this online test...

- Kiran Arun Zope

its very interesting exam for improving our knowledge.. tried to give answers truely as per my knowledge.. now lets see what happens..???

- Mahesh Dilip Bhalerao

All questions are very intersting.time and question are arranged in good way bacause of we can solved exam proper way.

- Jyoti Dnyaneshwar Aher

This test was helpful in the way it gave directions about the remaining time,remaining questions,viewed questions in a colourful presentful way.And the main feature was the one which enable the user to go back in case he/she wanted to change the answer.

- Kathleen Christopher Fertel

The online exam is nice.Both general and technical question are involved.Basic concepts are included.I like this examination pattern and also system for that.


The exam that carried out is very well all the questions are related to previously conducted course year it is very good .Thanks.

- Vaibhav Trymbakrao Ghangale

First,of all to thanks to "Astiwz" u would give us an oppertunity due to that we are test our confidence for online exam.I m desirely satisfied all type of the services provided by u.....!!!Tthank u Again...!

- Deepika Dadaji More

The exam was very useful to check how many basic things we really known and it tells a message that some basic things are must be known to us in life.

- Gayatri Ramnath Patil

The exam was very easy..Asyiwz has provided a good platform for fresher's and it provides opportunity to the students..

- Santosh Kisan Nisal

Website is very user friendly.It is very well developed.All type of questions are covered.

- Aarti Avinash Gadgil



Test was very good and it contains basic knowledge of computer and its languages..Its good at all...thnx..

- Jyotibala Ratan Pardeshi

Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity for aptitude test. we got a good idea about the manner & process we will gonna go in future. looking forward to this.

- Shakil Gulam Shaikh

The online exam is very good for knowledge.

- Shital Vasant Thorat

This exam was good to test our understanding. It will show us where we exist. As we know our field is ever changing, so always have to be updated. At every min we learn something new in this field,its so exiciting,

- Jayati Balasaheb Jadhav

The online exam was really interesting and it was having a systematic format with its rules and regulations explained in a very clear format.It would be a moment of pride to be a part of your organization to show my skill sets.


exilent examination is conducted arrangement of the exam is also good and examinners are also good and helpful in their work. thank you

- Bharat Krishnaji Kadam

Awesome,,!!! Its my 1st online aptitude test so it was nice.

- Akshay Punjaram Gangurde

i it is good experience to giving aptitude test...but this test only for the computer i think why to ask other general knowledge ques.....thank u...

- Vishakha Kailas Gaikwad

All question are mention in this online exam is excellent. I have better knowledge in Asp.Net field and java ,c++, i have better knowledge in hardware and software handler process with experience... thanks....

- Samadhan Balasaheb Kolhe

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