Introduction to java
Control Statements in JAVA
Array in JAVA
Command Line Arguments in JAVA
Introducing Classes in JAVA
Methods and Classes in JAVA
Encapsulation in JAVA
Polymorphism in JAVA
Inheritance in PHP
Abstract Class in JAVA
Interface in JAVA
Packages in JAVA
Stream & File Input Output (IO) Java
Wrapper Classes in JAVA
Collection API in JAVA
Exception Handling in JAVA
Multi-Threading in JAVA
Applet and Graphics in JAVA
Core Java

Core Java

Inheritance in PHP

Inheritance in Java
Inheritance Program Java

class Red


  int a=10;

  int x=0;

  Red(int x){


    System.out.println("in Red Constructor! a="+a);


  public void disp(){

    System.out.println("in disp() = "+x);



class Green extends Red


  int a=50;

  Green(int x){


    System.out.println("in Green Constructor! a="+a);


  public int getParentA(){

    return super.a;



class Blue extends Green


  int a=20;

  Blue(int a){


    System.out.println("in Blue Constructor! a="+a);

    System.out.println("in Blue Constructor! this.a="+this.a);

    System.out.println("in Blue Constructor! super.a="+super.a);

    System.out.println("in Blue Constructor! super.a="+getParentA());



class InDemo{

  public static void main(String[] ar){

    System.out.println("*** InDemo ***");

    Blue blue=new Blue(9);




D:\javaprg\Inh>java InDemo
*** InDemo ***
in Red Constructor! a=10
in Green Constructor! a=50
in Blue Constructor! a=9
in Blue Constructor! this.a=20
in Blue Constructor! super.a=50
in Blue Constructor! super.a=10
in disp() = 9

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