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Spatial- Temporal provenance Assurance with Mutual Proofs (STAMP) scheme



Location-based services are quickly becoming immensely popular. In addition to services based on users' current location, many potential services rely on users' location history, or their spatial-temporal provenance. Malicious users may lie about their spatial-temporal provenance without a carefully designed security system for users to prove their past locations. In this paper, we present the Spatial- Temporal provenance Assurance with Mutual Proofs (STAMP) scheme. STAMP is designed for ad - hoc mobile users generating location proofs for each other in a distributed setting. However, it can easily accommodate trusted mobile users and wireless access points. STAMP ensures the integrity and non-transferability of the location proofs and protects users' privacy. Our prototype implementation on the android plat-form shows that STAMP is low-cost in terms of computational and storage resources. Extensive simulation experiments show that our entropy-based trust model is able to achieve high  collusion detection accuracy.

The privacy preserving location proofs for mobile users can be demonstrated by our application called LOCATION PROOF .A Company which promotes green commuting and wellness may reward their employees who walk or bike to work. The company may encourage daily walking goals of some fixed number of miles. Employees need to prove their past commuting paths to the company along with time history. This helps the company in reducing the healthcare insurance rates and move towards sustainable lifestyle. Location can be shared secretly to others without the interference of third party. In the application there will be two modules .They are admin and the user.

The user module consists of three category .They are:

·       My Location

·       Route

·       Sharing location

·       Sharing Password

In the My location the user can find his current location. And in the route the user can find his route to his destination place. The share it module is used to share user position to admin for further processing .Where the location is shared secretly with the admin by AES encryption and decryption method with a password.

The admin module again consists of three categories they are:

·       User details

·       Location details

·       Sending SMS

In the user details the admin can view the registered user details. And in the location details the location of the user will be displayed which will be revealed only when the admin is able to decrypt the encrypted data with the same password which the user has used to encrypt the data. When the admin decrypt the data he will be able to see the time, date, user name and the location of the user. For decryption he needs a password which is used by the user, the user sends he password to the user through email, from there admin can view the password and utilize it for decryption. Further the admin can verify the distance of the user from the office location. On determining the distance if it is of minimum distance the admin will encourage the user to come by walk or to take bicycle to reach office or the user can be provided with any gift voucher by doing this the company will get reduced of health insurance issues. Thus the user can share his location proof secretly with admin and the admin too use his distance for office sake.                                                        


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