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C#.NET VB.NET Image Processing BE-Engineering(CO/IT) ME-Engineering(CO/IT) BCS MCS BCA MCA MCM BSC Computer/IT MSC Computer/IT Diploma (CO/IT) IEEE-2015

A Probabilistic Approach for Color Correction in Image Mosaicking Applications

Color Correction in Image Mosaicking Applications


*    A probabilistic color correction algorithm for correcting the photometrical disparities. First, the image to be color corrected is segmented into several regions using mean shift.

*    Then, connected regions are extracted using a region fusion algorithm. Local joint image histograms of each region are modeled as collections of truncated Gaussians using a maximum likelihood estimation procedure.

*    Then, local color palette mapping functions are computed using these sets of Gaussians. The color correction is performed by applying those functions to all the regions of the image. An extensive comparison with ten other state of the art color correction algorithms is presented, using two different image pair data sets.

*    Results show that the proposed approach obtains the best average scores in both data sets and evaluation metrics and is also the most robust to failures.


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