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Dynamic Proofs of Retrievability for Coded Cloud Storage Systems

Dynamic Proofs of Retrievability for Coded Cloud Storage Systems

Dynamic Proofs of Retrievability for Coded Cloud Storage Systems

ABSTRACT Cloud storage allows users to store their data in a remote server to get rid of expensive local storage and management costs and then access data of interest anytime anywhere. A number of solutions have been proposed to tackle the verification of remote data integrity and retrievability in cloud storage systems. Most of existing schemes, however, do not support efficient data dynamics and/or suffer from security vulnerabilities when involving dynamic data operations. In this paper, we propose a dynamic proof of retrievability scheme supporting public auditability and communication-efficient recovery from data corruptions. To this end, we split up the data into data blocks and encode each data block individually using outer code and inner code before outsourcing so that i) an update inside any data block only affects a few codeword symbols and ii) communication-efficient data repair for a breakdown server can be achieved and communication overhead for small data corruptions within a server can be eliminated. Based on the encoded data blocks, we utilize rb23Tree to enforce the data sequence for dynamic operations, preventing the cloud service provider from manipulating data block to pass the integrity check in the dynamic scenario. We also analyze the effectiveness of the proposed construction in defending against pollution attacks during data recovery. Formal security analysis and extensive experimental evaluations are conducted, showing that the proposed scheme is practical for use in cloud storage systems.



We  proposed a new dynamic proof of  retrievability scheme for coded cloud storage systems. Network coding and erasure codes are adopted to encode data blocks to achieve within-server and cross-server data redundancy, tolerating data corruptions and supporting communication-efficient data recovery. By using rb23Tree and an improved version of ASBB scheme, our construction can support efficient data dynamics while defending against data replay attack and pollution attack. Security analysis and experimental evaluations demonstrated the practicality of our construction in coded cloud storage systems  and secret keys are associated with access policies (over attributes). Later on, many classic ABE systems and their variants that have been proposed in the literature.

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