Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Network Capacity has 10 Questions

Which of the following utility is used to monitor traffic in Windows ?

Microsoft Network Monitor
Microsoft Performance Monitor
Microsoft Perfmon
None of the mentioned
Point out the wrong statement :

Tools are available that can monitor a cloud network’s performance at geographical different points and over different third-party ISP connections
Apparent Networks company makes WAN network monitoring software
Network Capacity is easy to measure in a reliable way
All of the mentioned
Which of the following packet sniffer was formerly called Ethereal ?

None of the mentioned
Which of the following factor can be considered to determine WAN Capacity ?

Routing and switching protocols
Overall system traffic
Network interconnect technologies
All of the mentioned
__________ scaling allows you to use a virtual system to run more virtual machines

All of the mentioned
Which of the following is used to evaluate your own cloud application’s network performance ?

Path Cloud
PathView Cloud
View Cloud
All of the mentioned
Scaling _____ indefinitely leads you to an architecture with a large number of servers.

All of the mentioned
How many aspects needs to be considered while assessing network capacity ?

All of the mentioned
Point out the correct statement :

For a cloud-based virtual computer, the network interface may be a highly variable resource
Increasing the variability between servers makes it easier to troubleshoot problems and simpler to deploy and configure new systems
A server with the different set of software, system configuration, and hardware should perform similarly if given the same role in an infrastructure
All of the mentioned
Which of the following is not the aspect considered for network capacity ?

Network traffic from the cloud to the network interface
Network traffic to and from the network interface at the server
Network traffic from the cloud through your ISP to your local network interface
All of the mentioned